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Adjacent to these symptoms are the phenomena of sensory automatism (a feeling of being accomplished, of prednisolone pills from outside by biological processes). It can manifest itself as violent changes in the affective sphere - “makes the mood,” “causes joy, anger, sadness, fear, delight,” etc. Sensory automatism is manifested by the occurrence, often in the internal organs, of unpleasant, painful or painful sensations, accompanied by the conviction that they are caused for a special purpose by external influence - delusion of physical influence. Patients report sensations of squeezing, tightening, twisting, tension, pain, coldness, burning, etc. Sensory automatism also includes the impact on the physiological functions of the patient�s body. cause sexual arousal, distort appetite, smell, taste, delay or, on the contrary, cause defecation and urination.

Ideational mental automatisms manifest themselves in influxes of thoughts (mentism), “unwinding” of memories, “stealing” the patient�s thoughts or “voicing” them, “putting” other people�s “made” thoughts into him, a feeling of openness of the patient�s subjective thoughts to others and “reading” his thoughts by others, “echo thoughts.”

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Psychomotor hallucinations are also classified as motor automatism (J. Seglas, 1895, 1914). The author identified three degrees of development of this disorder. Initially, when mentally pronouncing words, there is a feeling of movements in the lips and tongue, which remain motionless. Then the mentally spoken words acquire sound, and at the same time they begin to buy prednisolone pills online slight movement of the lips and tongue. Finally, real articulatory movements arise in them, accompanied by the forced pronunciation of words or phrases out loud. Psychomotor hallucinations are a disorder that combines associative and motor automatism.

Motor (motor) automatism is the conviction of patients that the movements and actions they perform occur under the influence of an external force. Initially, individual unnecessary, involuntary gestures or facial movements appear, and instantly passing states of immobility arise. They are accompanied by a feeling of involuntariness and alienness to the subject. Developed motor automatism is accompanied by a delusional belief that actions are caused by external influences.

Pseudohallucinations are a “core” disorder of Kandinsky-Clerambault syndrome. According to the definition of V.Kh. Kandinsky (1890), these are “very lively and sensual, extremely definite images.” They differ from true hallucinations only in the absence of the nature of objective reality. Pseudohallucinations are often limited to the sphere of ideas, but they can also be projected externally, i.e. just like true hallucinations, have extraprojection. Pseudohallucinations are always accompanied by a delusional belief that their occurrence is due to the intervention of an external, extraneous force - delusion of influence. The impact on mental processes is called delirium of mental influence. The source of influence is various devices, the names of which reflect the existing level of technical development. electricity, radio, X-rays, atomic energy, etc.

* Such alienation, a feeling of loss of belonging to one�s own “I” and one�s own mental acts, is interpreted by patients as a result of the influence of an outside force - hypnotic, some kind of technical devices. Patients talk about external influences on their thoughts, physical functions, the effects of hypnosis, special devices, rays, atomic energy, etc.

The influence is carried out with the aim of causing harm to the patient, much less often with a benevolent purpose - to order prednisolone, strengthen the will, prepare for the future, etc.

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More often, such "conversations" are unpleasant, at times painful and are accompanied by a depressive affect.
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The subsequent complication of ideational automatisms is associated with the emergence of “mental, internal dialogues”logs", "mental, silent conversations with the mind", "telepathic mental communication", "transfer of thoughts", affecting the most diverse, including intimate, aspects of prednisolone pills of patients.
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PARAPHRENIC SYNDROME (paraphrenia, paraphrenic delusion, delusion of imagination E. Dupre, 1914) - is a combination of fantastic delusions of grandeur.
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Delusional ideas are constantly accompanied by auditory hallucinations or pseudohallucinations, as well as mental automatisms.
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Memory deceptions in the form of fantastic confabulations are also often observed.
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Patients consider themselves rulers of prednisolone, attribute to themselves immortality, divine origin, claim that they have written books by all the great writers under pseudonyms, etc.
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The content of confabulations is also connected with these grandiose ideas of greatness - memories of space flights, life in the ancient world.
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The patient is always at the center of unusual and sometimes grandiose events. Patients outwardly become arrogant, meaningful, mysterious, and euphoric.